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What is Massage Therapy?


Massage therapy is a manual therapy that manipulates a persons muscles and tissues, which also affects the nervous system to provide relief from stress, muscle tension, muscle pain, stiffness, joint aches and pain, headaches, increasing circulation, helps recovery before and after joint surgery and the list goes limitless. Using a variety of strokes and different modalities the therapist can usually provide a significant amount of relief in a few treatments when obtained consistently.


Massage therapy is typically performed with oil or lotion, but can be done without as for a sports massage. The typical massage session last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. There are also a short list of precautions for massage so please check with your doctor.


Typles of massage therapy which we offers but not limited to;


1. Deep tissue massage therapy

2. Trigger point massage therapy

3. Swedish massage therapy

4. Sports massage thearpy

5. Thai yoga massage therapy

6. PUSH massage therapy

7  Myofascial release massage therapy

8. TMJ therapy

9. Pregnancy / Prenatal massage therapy



I absolutely recommend Donna to everyone! She is amazing with her hands and pays attention to what you need. I walk out of there with my body... Feb 13, 2017
Eric is the only massage therapist anywhere that I've ever found incredible enough to return to over and over again. I walk away feel more... Jan 02, 2017
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Everyone at Lillieanns is exceptional. I've been coming here for years and as a medical professional refer many people because I know they will... Aug 10, 2016
Valerie is fantastic! I have now had both a facial and a massage and both experiences were exceptional. She has a true gift in customizing your... Jul 09, 2016
My facial with Valerie was fantastic. My skin feels hydrated and looks fresher with fewer lines! The added benefit was the wonderful partial... Jun 24, 2016
valarie was simply amazing... the best facial i've ever had and i WILL be returning!! Jun 14, 2016
I have been going to Lillie ann for a fee months now. And i can say she is absolutely amazing.. My back has given be problems for a long time and she... Mar 05, 2016
Natasha provided me with a 90 minute massage. She did a great job; was very interested in what I needed and responsive to my requests. Will... Jan 25, 2016
Alice was patient, accommodating, and gave me an amazing massage! Dec 12, 2015
Donna has amazing hands and a great "bedside manner"! Awesome experience Oct 31, 2015
This was my first visit to Lillie Ann's. Rox was simply amazing, the perfect balance of strength and a delicate touch. I will be returning. Aug 14, 2015
The experience at Lillian's was amazingn2. Alice was warm, friendly and made the visit a time to remember. Thanks! Made my day. Jul 24, 2015
Valerie basically made me feel like I had been given a new back and shoulders. She does an excellent job and I will be going back too! Jun 18, 2015
The facility was very clean and calming. I had a massage with Alice. She explained very well what she was doing and was very responsive to my... Jun 13, 2015
Eric is an exceptional massage therapist! I strongly recommend him and will be back on a regular basis. Jun 06, 2015
Eric was an exceptional massage therapist. I would strongly recommend him and I will be back to see him on a regular basis. Jun 06, 2015
Lillie Anns was calm and inviting. Thanks to Alice I am going to sleep like a baby. She was great and I will be back! Apr 17, 2015
Super clean place great massage would definitely go back Apr 13, 2015
Roxy was great! Apr 10, 2015
First time Client, and will certainly being coming back again in the future. Roxy was great and really listened and focused on my problem areas. Mar 25, 2015
My mom and I have been coming to Lillieanns foe awhile now, since her other location. Rox is awesome, and she does prenatal massages as well. Always... Mar 15, 2015
Went to Lillieanns after a friend referred me, HAD back and neck pain, no more! I will continue with my massages there. Thanks you guys and see you... Jan 21, 2015
I had my first massage with Rox and she found the perfect pressure and really focused on my issues. I will be going back! Oct 22, 2014
I had a massage with Donna. Great experience . Thanks a lot . Will return Jun 26, 2014
I had the 75 mins of aromatherapy massage with Alice!! She was wonderful, gentle and very soothing. Had a great conversation and relaxing time as... Jun 21, 2014
Had a wonderful massage with Alice. She is the goddess diva of massage. Thank you. May 25, 2014
I simply enjoyed the comfort of my very first prenatal massage, and I definitely look forward to my appointment next month. Lillie is absolutely... May 17, 2014
Terrible customer service. Apr 07, 2014
I had a great deep tissue massage w./aromatherapy & reflexology. The atmosphere and the quality of my massage therapist were top notch. I will be... Apr 02, 2014
I had never had one before and it was wonderful. Best Message I ever had. Lillie was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Will... Dec 20, 2013
I received a gift certificate to Lillies and boy I am glad I did! It was my first time here and I will definitely be going back! Darien is amazing!... Nov 13, 2013
Amazing deal! After my 90 minutes with Darien I felt great. He is an amazing therapist. And at $75 bucks I felt like I got a steal. I highly... Sep 25, 2013
This place is a little slice of heaven. I received a gift certificate from my sister who is a client. I just had a 20 mile training run that day... Sep 22, 2013
Had a wonderful massage with Lillie. It was relaxing and she was professional and courteous. I will be back and I would recommend both the facility... Sep 18, 2013
I had a massage with Lillie prior to a half marathon. I did not pull any muscles or have any cramps during the race which I attribute to the massage... Sep 15, 2013
A great massage by Kevin. I like the peaceful of the facility. You feel relaxed the moment you enter. Jun 24, 2013
Had my first massage today with Samantha! She was great! Will definitely go again. Jun 24, 2013
Had a great massage with Samantha and would definitely go again. Jun 24, 2013
One of the best massages I ever had Jun 22, 2013
Darien was my massage therapist for my Groupon, and he was AWESOME! Great technique/touch, totally professional, and definitely made my back feel... Jun 07, 2013
Roxanne did an amazing job. She is very intuitive and has a gift in recognizing how her techniques contribute to the healing and relaxation obtained... May 29, 2013
Kevin was amazing! He managed to unknot my shoulders and between my shoulder blades, and almost no one can do that! Highly recommended. Nice,... May 25, 2013
I had a busy, stressful morning so by the time I got to lillieAnn's my muscles were tense. Darien did a great job getting me to relax and enjoy... May 11, 2013
Hi Lillie, I definitely like Hyde Park area!! Almost like a stomping ground for me:)... Apr 22, 2013
I decided to purchase a Groupon because I read good things about LillieAnn's and also because my back's been bothering me for a couple... Apr 08, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed my 75 minute massage with foot reflexology. It was amazing and Roxane was so polite. The location was very clean and I would... Apr 02, 2013
Alice is amazing. The spa is serene. We will be back for sure! Mar 29, 2013
Excellent massage! Everything else are also good. The music during the massage is very well done. Mar 18, 2013
I just had a massage with Lillie for the first time and it was the BEST massage I have ever had!! I have been to many places and have never found... Mar 18, 2013
Just had a message. Very nice place. The staff was warm and friendly. The message was wonderfully. Would rhighly ecommend Lillie Ann's Mar 16, 2013
My boyfriend surprised me with massage appointments for the two of us as a Valentine's Day gift. Neither of us had ever been to LillieAnns. He... Feb 19, 2013
My girlfriend and I visited LillieAnn's on Valentine's Day and what an amazing experience!! Kevin and Valerie were great! We came in a mess... Feb 15, 2013
Visited Lillieann's for the first time this past weekend. Used a Groupon. Loved my massage with Darian. Enjoyed the peaceful decor and... Jan 28, 2013
I just had a massage with Darian and he was amazing!! Beautiful and relaxing decor. Great place for a great massage! Jan 22, 2013
I have been here several times and the facials are amazing. Cindie is a fabulous technician. When I leave my skin is glowing and my more mature... Dec 26, 2012
What an awesome experience I recently had at Lillie Ann's!!!!! It was a suprise visit and it was so worth it. Lillie and other staff were very... Oct 24, 2012
South of Hyde Park would be nice too. Aug 12, 2012
OMG! When I walked in my shoulders was on my ear lobes, but when I walked out every muscle in my body was relaxed! I was floating on air! Valerie did... Jul 27, 2012
This is the second time that I experienced the Reviving Facial by Cindie. It is so relaxing plus the skin feels and looks so smooth. This... May 18, 2012
Had a facial with Cindie yesterday and it was far better than any other facial I've ever had. She was very professional and the facial was very... Feb 26, 2012
Samantha is very friendly and does great work. What I love about this place is that they don't cheat you one second on your massage. If you... Jan 17, 2012
My wife and I used a groupon to get a massage from Vachetta and Lilly last weekend. The service and massage were both top notch. If you are looking... Jan 10, 2012
Vachetta is a massage goddess. She's not only GREAT at her craft, but she's friendly, courteous, and a delightful young woman. Jan 08, 2012
I had a Reviving Facial and I must admit that the experience was awesome. I was running slightly late and the receptionist was so pleasure in... Jan 01, 2012
I received a gift certificate to LillieAnn's for my birthday. I made an appointment for a deep pore facial with Cindie. I have to say that I... Dec 28, 2011
Samantha was not only respectful, but listented to me and my body, and made me feel great. I'm making another appointment now! Dec 15, 2011
I had the most wonderful experience with Valerie this weekend. I had been working hard and had tension throughout my upper back region. Valerie... Dec 12, 2011
I had a groupon to Lillie Ann's for a massage, and it was such a relaxing experience! I worked with Vachetta, and she was able to work out the... Oct 22, 2011
Samantha is friendly, professional, and gives amazing massages! She gave me a swedden/neuro massage, and worked out every knot in my shoulders, back... Oct 20, 2011
I have been coming to Lillie Ann's for many years. I find the spa to be very clean and relaxing. I have had many different massage therapists... Oct 16, 2011
My guy is into body building and he's frequently sore, so I surprised him with a deep tissue massage on sweetest day. He said Vachetta hit all... Oct 16, 2011
I made a last-minute appointment for a facial because I was feeling crummy about my (minor) adult acne and dull complexion. I've had many... Oct 13, 2011
I had a wonderful experience at LillieAnns. I was a little iffy about getting a prenatal massage because I know that it requires different types of... Oct 11, 2011
I mostly go to the spa for bikini waxes, which are done very well there. Both Cindie and Valarie are professional and friendly. I have also had a... Aug 25, 2011
I had a massage at LillieAnn's due to a Groupon that they offered. I am so happy that I went. I try to have a massage every month. But due to... Aug 06, 2011
Had a custom massage with Samantha...Felt the real therapeutic massage through her hands...Very professional and caring I just don't wanna say... Jul 29, 2011
What can I say? Lillie is the best massage therapist I have ever had. I have a long history of disc herniations and general problems with both my... Jul 06, 2011

Fantastic!!!  I had a facial with Vachetta last night....  Not only was it a great facial, but it was a great arm, hand, shoulder and... Jun 15, 2011

Came in with my $25 groupon and what a wonderful experience! A very relaxing setting and the staff could not have been nicer. Ana made certain that... May 26, 2011
I used to come here to see evie. I don't believe she is there anymore since I can't find her online. She is a real gem, I wish i knew where... Apr 12, 2011
Thank you you guys are wonderful Mar 10, 2011
I routinely book Donna for my massages before my chiropracter visits...She gives the BEST deep tissue massages I've ever had! She communicates... Mar 10, 2011
My husband and I had an hour massage, we left feeling relaxed and refreshed. This is the best gift for people who live a stressful lifestyle. We will... Mar 09, 2011
Went in for my first visit today, and it will not be my last. I booked myself a facial (with Valarie) and massage (with Lillie) two days after my... Mar 08, 2011
Just had a massage with Vachetta D. I am ready to tackle the day! Can't wait to go back. I am sold on LillieAnn's! Feb 21, 2011
Giselle is amazing. The massage was a great value (thanks Groupon!) but she knew exactly what to do. It wasn't just an amateur rub down - it was... Feb 14, 2011
I was kept waiting for 45 minutes for my massage. There was very little apology from the therapist, who claimed that she was held up by a waxing.... Feb 09, 2011
Very comprehensive massage, but asked for medium to hard pressure & got light to medium. Was a very relaxing experience otherwise &... Feb 06, 2011
I asked for a relaxation massage and it turned out to be pretty painful. I asked several times for her to let up on the pressure to no avail. Arms... Jan 31, 2011
I was with Lillie when she 1st started back on Michigan Ave. Years AGO! Her service is unsurpassed! Her techniques the most relaxing & inviting... Jan 30, 2011
My boyfriend and I went here for a groupon massage and it was really great! It exceeded our expectations. Love this place. Jan 29, 2011
Will be coming back for sure. Evie was wonderful. She really took the time work out everything that I said was bothering me. She has a nice... Jan 21, 2011
I love Lillie Ann's! By far the best massages in Chicago! Lilie Ann and Charles Q are the best! Jan 14, 2011
Giselle did a great job of making me feel comfortable, finding pressure points, and communicating. I find it interesting how different good massage... Jan 13, 2011
Giselle is a great massage therapist, she paid particular attention to the tightest areas and my body was totally relaxed by the end of the session! Jan 12, 2011
It was a great and realxing massage..Thanks Giselle..will definitely return!!! Jan 02, 2011
Giselle was great, highly recommend her! Dec 30, 2010
As always, the best massages and therapists in all of Chicago. The only establishment that I'm completely loyal to and always recommending... Dec 22, 2010
Definitely Hyde Park. We need more services like this on the South Side. There is a market for it. I'm tired of having to go up North, downtown... Dec 20, 2010
hyde park Dec 20, 2010
Best Massage I've ever had in Chicago! Dec 13, 2010
I would like to vote for a location that is not listed. How about Oakbrook, Westmont, or York Town locations. I believe you will do very, very well... Nov 09, 2010
My husband and I live in Omaha, NE, and wanted a time to relax during our trip. We booked a couples massage and it was the best thing ever! My... Nov 01, 2010
Very great site. I especially found it interesting with the Swedish massage and the customized massage therapy. Think I have to booking appointments... Oct 12, 2010
I'm certainly no massage expert, and so, do not have a whole lot to compare it to. However, I came in the day after completing the Chicago... Oct 11, 2010
Today I had my second massage with Valerie. She is absolutely so very skilled. I went in today with a great deal of tension throughout my entire body... Oct 01, 2010
Lillie has the hands of a true healer. No matter what deep ache I have stored up she finds the release. Amazing! Sep 15, 2010
I look to Charles as part of my recovery plan from an accident I was in. He has a deep understanding of the body and an intuitive nature in finding... Aug 28, 2010
Valerie has been wonderful for the myofascial release massage! I've had it twice now and the benefits last much longer than a regular massage.... Aug 04, 2010
I'm visiting from out of town and dragged my sorry self into Lillie Ann's today. An hour later, I floated out after a wonderful massage... Aug 02, 2010
As I was sitting in the Lexus dealership getting my car serviced I noticed the card for Lillie Ann's and Boy and I glad I did! I had a facial... Aug 02, 2010
I had my first appointment today, and enjoyed the experience. The staff was very welcoming, and Hilary is a fantastic massage therapist. I've... Jul 30, 2010
LillieAnn is terrific - what a gift and how fortunate I am to benefit from it. Thank you LillieAnn!! Jul 26, 2010
Had a great massage! I feel so relax! Would definitely come back!! Jun 08, 2010
Perfect idea for relaxation May 20, 2010
This place is must for massage lovers. May 19, 2010
Love it over at LillieAnn's! May 18, 2010
Perfect for a much needed break May 18, 2010