Our Philosophy

lillieAnn’s Spa Massage & Skin Care center located in the Chicago West Loop just received an BEST OF CHICAGO 2010 award from Chicago Magazine under “Affordable Massage”. For this year’s award, lillieAnn’s in the only spa massage establishment which was featured by the Chicago Magazine.

Why lillieAnn’s? Our business philosophy is simple. We focus ourselves to keep our clients happy and at the same time, we try our best to keep our employees happy. We truly listen to our employees’ suggestions and our goal is to establish a “great team”.

Now, what defines “great team”? We believe that “great team” can be established only by true democracy and three important factors.

– 1st, to strengthen client first, therapists/technicians second, and management the last mentality. There are too many entities now days completely ignore this common sense hierarchy orders to be in a service industry. Why would we not want to listen to our clients and therapists / technicians?

– 2nd, respect and to honor each one of our teammates’ personality. Company regulation is there to treat everyone the same. However, company regulation is just a standard or an reference guide, which the regulation can not monitor each and individual goal, strength, and weakness within our organization. Just as you can see from the great sports teams, every player on the team is a necessity for a team to accomplish tasks. It is truly essential to understand and to share each individuals strength and weakness within the organization. The best case scenario of great teamwork is to understand each others weakness and cover those weaknesses by utilizing the most suitable individual for that particular task without the controversy and/or friction among colleagues.

– 3rd, to share every information related to the organization to all team members. This must be done regardless of how important the subject to the organization. Many believe that organizational direction and decision making process must be kept only within the management. However, many do not realize that this type of mentality only isolate the management further away from the most important people within your organization. Just for your information…I am not referring “most important people” as managements and/or executives. The most important people within our organization are therapists / technicians. We will disclose every information we face as management and to ensure that we are not taking anything lightly and/or taking an advantage of anyone within our organization.

Now, we can truly say our team here at lillieAnn’s understand the meaning of what is takes to be a “great team” and we believe that we can truly defines the new era of massage spa industry here in Chicago.

Our facility is not like other large SPA, Beauty salon, and or franchised massage spa provider, which is turning to be another trendy SPA MASSAGE. At lillieAnn’s, our focus and dedication is to provide the best spa massage and skin care experience for our clients. We do not have expensive statues nor designer furniture laying around our waiting area. However, our focus is for our clients to experience relaxing/stress free environment in a clean and quiet facility and service will be provided by exceptionally professional therapists/technicians. Our motto speak for it-self.

We truly believe that our solid foundation and clear goal will be able to define new massage and spa service era to Chicago and to other cities.

Hope people will read this article and come and experience true service from lillieAnn’s