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lillieAnn’s, founded in May 2002, specializes in customized massage therapy and skin care services in Chicago, IL. lillieAnn’s and experienced massage therapist, started to offer massage spa services in 1997. For the first 4 years, she was servicing her clients at home or made visits to their home.

Then, lillie realized that individual needs are completely different and can not be accommodate by just one of the massage spa categories such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, etc. Also, the names of those techniques were very confusing to a normal person. Each of the techniques were very confusing to a normal person. Each of the technique had a different pricing and simply was not efficient for therapists or clients.

lillie was happy to serve a handful of local clients for the first five years as a therapist. However, this was not enough. Her dream was to make this type of service available and accessible for anyone and everyone within a reasonable price.

lillie started to plan a new venture on early 2001 and opened her own massage center in 2002, in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Her business developed and shortly her South Loop location was not fitted anymore with the size of the business she was running. In 2008 she relocated to the current lillieAnn’s location, in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

At the new lillieAnn’s location the same customized massage philosophy is at the base of each service offered. The new location offers a professional and tranquil atmosphere for the clients.

Since opening in the West Loop, lillieAnn’s offers Skin Care services, facial skin care, therapeutic massage, waxing and spa service along with massage in Chicago. lillieAnn’s aims to offer their clients a variety of relaxation technique to choose from. “My journey will never finish until fulfilling the dream to make my service available and accessible for anyone and everyone”, says lillieAnn’s.

lillieAnn’s is the place where you come first!

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