Facial Skin Care Spa Chicago

lillieAnn’s skin care spa is always there to help you maintain the beauty of your skin. The facial massages and skin care treatments at our spa will definitely rejuvenate your mood while making your skin look better. lillieAnn’s spa skin care in Chicago has become very popular in the last few years.

lillieAnn’s spa skin care centers take pride in their staff, as they are the people behind every successful procedure. Our skin care center in Chicago employs only knowledgeable and experienced staff for your benefit. If you are one of Chicago’s Massage Therapy and/or skin care enthusiasts, you must come to lillieAnn’s and experience our facial skin care and have your skin treated by our knowledgeable skin care therapists

lillieAnn’s Full Descriptions of Facials

Reviving Facial (60min)

This facial includes a gentle exfoliating cleanser, stimulation oils, and a masque to increase circulation & improve tone of your skin. To finish, a vitamin serum and creme moisturizer are added to replenish and enhance skins appearance

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Hydrating Facial (60min)

This facial starts with a stimulating massage to increase circulation and penetration. The skin is then prepped for a trans-dermal masque containing essentials vitamins and antioxidants that promote firmness and elasticity. This ultra hydration facial is great for dry and mature skin types

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Collagen Facial (90min)

These facials are customized to address a wide range of skin conditions from inflammation, hyper pigmentation, acne and blackheads, to fine lines, dehydration, and premature aging. Great for all skin types!

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Deep Pore Facial (60min – 90min)
A refining cleanser and clarifying treatment removes the top layer of dead skin and oil build up. This is followed by a natural clay mud masque and buffing technique to exfoliate, further removing any congestion

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Glycolic Smoothing Facial (45min or 6 series – 270min)

Glycolic Smoothing Facial – This intensive treatment is designed to rapidly exfoliate skin cells to clarify the complexion

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Deep Pore Back Treatment (60min)

The skin is dry washed, cleansed, and massaged to improve circulation and penetration. It is followed by a natural clay mud masque and a refining treatment to exfoliate, further removing any build up from deep within the pores

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